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Out2reach supports and works with the following projects below. Donation and money raised will be used to support these projects. We also bring physical help and humanitarian help to these outreaches.

As you support you help with the continuance of these outreaches as well as others we also partner with.

Thanks and God Bless you.

We are conducting intervention work with gangs in North West London at the moment contact us for more details.

Bible Society Kenya Literacy Project.

The Bible Society of Kenya has a mandate to avail scriptures to un-reached Kenyan Communities and groups with special needs; enhance capacity and create an environment for more Kenyans to interact with the Scriptures for transformation. Under this mandate BSK is facilitating literacy projects like the Maasai Literacy Project.

Learner Reading the Maasai Bible

With the low levels of literacy, especially among adults and youth, it is clear that the translated Bible won’t have many readers. Subsequently, the intended transformation of lives won’t be realised. The Literacy project entails a programme that will ensure that teachers are trained, materials produced and learners are equipped with literacy skills.

Super Kids Africa

The Super Kids Africa recognizes every child of every nation, tongue and tribe in Africa the Super Kids looks to uplift the standards of the African child in every capacity in the area of the interest of the child that is in the area of their gifting, talents, skills and abilities. Super Kids Africa creates a platform and opportunity for children to explore discovers and achieves their dreams in life with proper mentor-ship and discipleship Super Kids.

S.c.r.e.a.m Africa

SCREAM is an abbreviation for Save the Children Reconciliation Education and Assistance Ministry.

It is a Christian charitable organization that rescues children and provides education so as to secure their future. Currently over 70 boys are in the programme and all of them are in school. The organization sensitizes the public and facilitates preventive measures to minimize the ever growing number of street urchins, child labour and child abuse. In addition, SCREAM-Africa provides alternative lifestyles to children under high risk of becoming street urchins. The organization provides safe and nurturing boarding facilities where children learn to live on a scheduled lifestyle with responsibilities, get spiritual and social guidance as well as education. Once a child is rehabilitated, SCREAM-Africa traces the dysfunctional family and visits them to establish the root causes of the family problems. In case where the reunion and reconciliation is not possible, or in cases where the child is an orphan, SCREAM-Africa gives shelter in form of boarding school or is referred to other organizations with similar objectives or children’s homes facilities.

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